Top 5 reasons why your company should host this year’s summer outing at a Wrigley Rooftop Venue

1.  The Wrigley Rooftop experience promotes a relaxed social environment, making it a great place to pitch an important client, show appreciation for your employees, or to simply enjoy your colleagues company in a non-corporate setting.
2.  It provides a very unique Chicago experience that offers the luxury of a skybox at an affordable price!
3.  Enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of a major league baseball game without the hassle of crowd.
4.  The Wrigley Rooftop facilities that we have partnered with take pride in putting the customer first. They do an amazing job of going the extra mile to ensure that you and your guests have an enjoyable outing. If you have a special request or requirement, simply ask and they will do their best to accommodate you and your group.
5.  The all inclusive food and beverage menus have something for everyone. Enjoy all of your inside the park favorites without missing any action of the game!

See for yourself why the Wrigley Rooftop Experience rises above all other options!

Frequently Asked Questions by Corporate Event Planners

What’s included in the price of admission?

The price of admission covers all of your game day needs; access to the rooftop facility one hour before the start of the game, spectacular views of Wrigley Field and the north side of the city, and whatever you and your guests want from the food and beverage menu.

Is there a minimum/maximum group size?

There is no minimum party size; we accommodate all groups between 2 and 250. To get consolidated pricing and availability instantly via email Click Here.

I will need to distribute information internally to my company on this event; do you already have pictures, content, or other marketing material that will make it easy for me to provide outing details to my group?

Absolutely! We have planned hundreds of these events; there is no reason for you to start your planning from square one. Let us help you knock this event out of the park. We can provide you pictures, videos, and other rooftop related information upon request.

Can we host a private company gathering or meeting before the game?

Most facilities can accommodate this request; however it may come with an additional charge if food and beverages will be served during this time.

Can our group have an exclusive area or do we have to share the facility?

Some of the rooftops accommodate private events better than others; please ask one of our friendly sales representatives for additional information on this topic.

Most of the rooftop facilities do have an exclusive buyout option; this gives you and your guest’s exclusive access to the entire facility. Please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

Can we hang a company banner or distribute name tags or other company related material?

Arrangements to hang a company banner/sign or to distribute name tags will be accommodated as long as it is arranged ahead of the event. The rooftop contract with the Cubs organization prohibits the rooftops from displaying externally facing banners.

Does the rooftop provide a business center or meeting space for a pregame presentation?

Most of the rooftop facilities that we are partnered with have a room available to host an offsite presentation/meeting. Free WiFi is provided at each of the rooftop facilities and A/V equipment (projector, microphones, speakers, etc.) can be provided upon request. Please consult with one of our representatives for more information.

What is the best way for our guests to get to/from the game?

Check out our Transportation page for additional information on getting to the game.